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title. asteroid b-612

date. 2020

city. istanbul - londra

Little Prince is one of my oldest childhood friends. I was always inspired by his world, and when I found Bryony Wood @wildbryonydesign I was at the very beginning of this project. We shared our dreams, thoughts and passion for design. After some searching, we found 'our little friend' is hiding in our hearts. We convinced him that we still have a child somewhere in our souls. He gave us the inspiration we were waiting for. And in the end, we created our designs for his story. Thank you, Bryony and 'our little friend' for this beautiful journey. It will be an impressive memory for the rest of my life.

I also want to thank @y.o.u.3d for her beautiful toy modelling in this scene.

♫ at the video: Oscar Sundberg-At Night

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